Washing Instructions

Uniform Care

Your kids uniform will last for several years if you take care of it. Failure to do so may result in paying for a replacement. Please use these instructions while washing / drying the uniform:

©   Pre-treat any stains before washing (machine washing and drying without pre-treating may set stains in permanently.

©   Do not put undiluted washing powder directly onto your washing as spot bleaching can occur.  (dissolve the powder into the water before adding to garments)

©   Chlorine bleach and pre-soaks are not recommended. We recommend any of the Stain removers available in the market to remove stains or colors that may have run, & brighten Whites.

©   Never hang your garments out in direct sunlight.

©   DO NOT use brush or scrubbers on the garment. This will definitely reduce the life of your garment.

©   Always fasten all zips, buttons and studs prior to washing so that they don’t damage the garments or get caught during the wash cycle.

©   When washing, use cold water cycles.

©   To protect the color of your garments always wash them inside out.

©   Use a quality detergent – low cost additives can cause pilling and fading.

©   Iron at low temperature/Synthetic setting only.

©   Hand Wash the garment separately before use. If not the excess fur/fiber will stick on your other garments.

©   After wash, reverse the garment and dry in shade, for more durability of the garment.

Instructions for Knits like T-shirts and Sweatshirts, Socks Etc.

  • Do NOT Machine Wash. We recommend you hand wash the knit separately in cold water only.
  • Do not use HOT WATER any time while washing knits, USE Mild detergent only. We recommend Detergent Soap Bars
  • Do NOT dry in direct sunlight. This will cause your knits including the colour to lose/elasticity and shape rapidly/Gradually.
  • Do NOT wring or twist the knits.
  • Dry promptly after the washing is done.
  • DO NOT use hot iron. Please keep the setting to Low/Synthetic/Knits in your iron.